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                                       My Brother  by Respectlife 
                         A PAA Cosponsored Social Documentary - 2018

“My Brother”, a short film designed to raise awareness of the plight of disabled persons struggling to get around in Greek cities and towns, was just released in social media and has gone viral with more than 7 million views. The film was produced by Alexandra Manousakis, a member of the PAA and daughter of former PAA president Theodore Manousakis. It was directed by the well-known Greek (Cretan) film director, Theodore Papadoulakis, of “to Nisi” fame. My Brother, filmed in Chania and released on the 16th of December, shows the impossible barriers persons with disabilities face in their ordinary course of daily life but, more importantly, the lack of empathy and courage of society at large to affect a change. So, ramps remain blocked with illegally parked vehicles, handicapped parking is taken by the non-handicapped, sidewalks are cluttered by restaurant seating and shop displays. The film is an expose on society’s lack of concern for the handicapped and the hardships they suffer each day.   It is an emotional, bold statement of the way things are and, hopefully, the changes for which we should all strive. This project, in the works for three years, was partially underwritten by the PAA Philanthropic Committee, yet another proud accomplishment of the PAA for our homeland, Crete.